Pioneering in Real Estate          

A B O U T   C A M B A Y

The Cambay Group, Inc.
is the principal United States real estate subsidiary of British-Isles based Somerston Holdings Limited. Cambay is a wholly owned subsidiary that focuses on real estate based development and investment opportunities in California.

Cambay's activities are concentrated on the development of land for master planned communities as well as adding value to the Group and its shareholders through some commercial, office, and industrial development projects. 

The company looks for above average returns in real estate by either undertaking the development of new projects or by adding value to existing properties. As a privately owned and well-capitalized company, Cambay strives to achieve a finely managed balance of risk and reward characteristic of an entrepreneurial company. 

Our success over the years can be largely attributed to upholding a pioneering spirit and by maintaining a philosophy consistent with our parent company: streamlined decision-making, proper risk assessment, decentralized management, strong local leadership and sound business and customer relationships.

River Islands at Lathrop
 Master Planned Community

Arena Corporate Center

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